Spare Parts


We have a large stock of belt conveyors specially designed for mining applications and manufactured under our supervision and according to our specifications, which exceed the requirements of standard DIN 22107 for the X and Y degrees.

Once our belts pass our strict quality controls, the Miningland logo is stamped on them.

In order to assure their quality, every belt consignment is controlled by the certification body TÜV.


We can supply


Width  Up to 2.400 mm
Length Up to 350 m, as long as the roll diameter does not exceed 3 m
Structure 2 to 8 canvass layers
Type of canvas Polyester/Polyamide(EP)

Resistance of each 
canvas layer

EP-125, EP-150,
EP-200, EP-250, EP-300, EP-350,
EP-400 y EP-500

Characteristics Quarry


Quality IR/SBR, anti-abrasive, anti-static
Material Poliéster-Poliamida
Standard DIN 22102 Grado Y – Grade Y
Sides Cut
Hardness 60º Sh
Elongation at break 400% Min
Wear loss <130 mm³
Resistance 240 kg/cm2
Temperatura -45 a 85°C