Metal detector


With a view to protecting crushers in mining and quarry installations, MININGLAND offers a complete range of metal detectors for different belt widths. MD metal detectors are installed beneath the belt and generate a magnetic field that, on being crossed and cut by a conductor (metal), triggers a signal that causes the belt to halt and issues light and acoustic signals. Our innovative system constitutes a substantial improvement over those currently available on the market thanks to its curved design that adapts to the shape of the conveyors, thus achieving greater effectiveness, accuracy and safety. detector_dobleThe mechanism is adjustable and allows its sensitivity to be adjusted by means of potentiometers. It is capable of detecting an M-16 nut at a height of 120 mm with a single plate. We manufacture detectors provided with either one or two detector plates mounted on top of each other for increased effectiveness and field.





650 700 mm 50 mm 400 mm 470 mm
800 880 mm 50 mm  400 mm  470 mm
1000 1090 mm 50 mm 400 mm 470 mm
1200 1290 mm 50 mm 400 mm 470 mm