New supply contract Israel.

One of the most powerfull construction companies in China (CHINA CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION – CCECC) and the bigger of Israel (DANYA CEBUS LTD.) entrusted MININGLAND MACHINERY, S.L. the purchase of machinery for the debris ejection in the most important metro stations which are still in construction in Tel Aviv (Israel).

The work complexity, with 30 meters depths or more in an unstable ground, for the most part sand, requires the ejection of debris in sequential steps while screen walls are reinforced between them.   

The ejeccion and transport of debris in the city centre, with traffic jams and without places for stocking the product, also requires the installation of big hoppers with fast charge in to the trucks.  

The modular development of vertical belt conveyors Banda-Bord, thanks to MININGLAND MACHINERY, S.L., with a thorough study of all and each stations and their draining steps and charge of trucks, has allowed to reach an agreement with the prestigious construction companies which will develop the project. 

We publish this important new and we will provide detailed information at an early date.